Your Career Game

Your Career Game

We compete for jobs: the more desirable the job, the tougher the competition. Most people readily understand this. But, fewer people recognize that the pursuit of an open job can be framed as one “move” in a multifaceted game called “a career.” Individuals who see the career game for what it is- a fascinating, complex, nuanced, real-life, multiplayer maze that unfolds in real time-can develop into better players. Those who do have a better chance of successfully competing for the positions that will enable them to realize their goals.

Authors Nathan Bennett and Stephen A. Miles demonstrate how game theory can help readers to understand and proactively take charge of their career strategy. They first show how game theory can teach readers to manage the interdependencies and interconnectedness among coworkers, managers, and others in a manner that supports their career efforts. Second, they show how readers can become better players.

In addition, the book includes conversations with a wide range of successful professionals such as Ursula Burns (Xerox), Stephen Elop (Microsoft), Marius Kloppers (BHP Billiton), Ken Frazier (Merck), and Liz McCartney (The St. Bernard Project), and discusses how their career moves demonstrate elements of a game theory approach to career management. This is a must-read, strategic guide for all those who seek to advance their careers and navigate today’s job market.

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