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The Covid-19 Pandemic and Career Strategy

Readying millennials for the C-suite
(w/ Nate Bennett) 

Our inaugural first episode is with the Author of Riding Shotgun: The Role of the COO: Professor Nate Bennett


GA Tech Mentor Jackets: Learn a new way of thinking about and executing career strategy from Georgia Tech graduate and author of “Your Career Game.”

Havana, Cuba

What VUCA Really Means for You

Good Morning, America

St. Bernard Project | GATech MBA


Full Interview

Learning is… Living

What are some of the biggest challenges faced by leaders today?

Tell us about your career journey

What are your thoughts on implementing organizational change?

What kinds of attributes should entrepreneurs possess?

Why did you write Riding Shotgun: The Role of the COO?

What should you look for when hiring a COO?

What kinds of roles does the COO play?

What kinds of skills should a COO possess?

What is the relationship between the CEO & COO?