Good or Bad News for Millenials?

Good or Bad News for Millenials?

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal recently. Reporter Jonnelle Marte described the fact that lean companies were increasingly leaning on younger, less experienced to do more, earlier in their careers. She rightly points out the benefits and risks these “opportunities” present.

Our view is consistent with hers – and with those of most of the experts she spoke to. But here are some additional thoughts that occur to us from the work we did in preparing “Your Career Game.”

First, early in the career is a great time to take a big swing – there is plenty of time to recover if it goes wrong.

Second, there is no career accelerator like fixing something that is broken – particularly when it has proved difficult for others to correct.

Finally, many of the most successful executives we interviewed talked about the importance of taking on jobs for which they were “uniquely unqualified” – a phrase we have come to love. What it means is that the position is clearly a stretch for you – but there is also good reason to believe you can do it. You have the right background, the right support, and the right attitude. For us this is the key to leveraging the insights in Marte’s article – savvy career game players understand better than weaker players when an opportunity truly is more than they can do.

As millenials experience these opportunities, we encourage them to use the career game framing we have developed so they can get at the real risk contained in each – and so they can find the one they are uniquely unqualified for – the one where, with the support of other players in their career game – they can find the kind of success that provides a reputational return throughout the remainder of their career.

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